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Northampton Appraisal Associates provides residential real estate appraisal services for private, estate, probate or federaly related transactions in the Hampshire and Franklin Counties of Western Massachusetts.

All appraisals are performed by real estate appraisers licensed or certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The supervisory appraiser David A. Murphy (MA Certified Residential Appraiser, No. 57), has more than 20 years of appraisal experience in this market area.

For more information call us at (413) 584-5445 or send us an email.

Our Appraisers

Our appraisers will provide you with expert service and an appraisal you can be confident in.

Fee Schedule

Our fees for the types of appraisals we provide are listed below *

  • Residential URAR$350
  • Condo$350
  • 2-4 Family$550
  • Land$250
  • Exterior 2055$250